Points System(1 Point = 0.001 USD)

You can earn points and transfer them to your wallet by doing the activities below.
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12 Points on Learning a song.
10 Points by posting a comment.
30 Points by searching a new song.
40 Points by replying to a comment.
45 Points on like some one tutorial.
50 Points on Dislike some one tutorial.
55 Points on liking a comment.
87 Points on creating new playlist.
60 Points on re-post tutorial.
65 Points on downloading a MIDI.
70 Points on liking a blog's comment.
55 Points on disliking a comment.
70 Points on disliking a blog's comment.
80 Points on Uploading a song.
5 Points by updating your profile picture.
81 Points on purchasing something from store.
82 Points by purchasing Guitaa Prime.
83 Points on review some one tutorial.
84 Points on report some one tutorial.
85 Points on reporting a comment.
86 Points on adding a tutorial to playlist.
10 Points on updating your profile cover.

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