"Life is one grand sweet song so start the music"
~Ronald Reagan


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About Guitaa Academy

Guitaa.com is the favourite music learning platform for millions of music learners globally.

Guitaa is the only dedicated music learning platform with millions of songs toutorial to complement music learning expirience of user.

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Students From 100+ Countries. 10+ Million Students. 30M + Enrollment. 80+ Music Instruments.

Benefits to our Partners

Get an Inbuilt Feedback Module to Enhance Your Courses.
Get a Seperate Management Dashboard.
Enrich Your Learning Curve Via Millions of Songs Library.
Best in Class Technology and Approach.
Get a Global Exposure of your Talent.
Monetize Your Content.
Monthly Payouts.
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What makes the Platform Special ?

Embrace the future of music by your own passion.

Learner Can Choose Their Favourite Instrument.
Learner Can Learn In Their Mother Tongue.
Learner Get Instant Feedback For Better Music Learning Experience.
Learner Can Choose Millions of Songs From Our Library To enhance Their Learning.

Join Us in 3 Simple Steps

  • Plan Your Curriculum

    You start with your passion, design the curriculum to ensure student get best learning exprience.

  • Record Your Lessons

    Use basic tools like a smartphone or a DSLR camera. Add a good microphone and you’re ready to start.

  • Upload Your Lessons

    Upload the lesson you want, in the way you want, and always have control of your own content.

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Let your passion for music become your passion and earn money by helping students across the globe improve their music skills. Invest a bit of your time to earn by using a hassle free payment method.

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Use Your Passion to teach
Desirable Students

Teach what you know and help learners explore their interests, gain new skills, and advance their careers.

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